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Tongue and Lip Tie Treatment – Colorado Springs

Tongue and lips ties are physical conditions that restrict the use of the tongue or lips in infants and children. These restrictions often cause various issues and have been documented to affect around 20 percent of the population in America. Both conditions can cause issues concerning:

  • Eating and feeding freely and with comfort (breast, bottle, fork, and spoon)
  • Gaps in the development of emerging teeth
  • Speech difficulty
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Breathing problems
  • And more

Because every child is unique, we can’t detail your child’s exact procedure without first meeting and examining them. However, some of the most common issues that parents should look for in babies include:

  • Pain for the mother when breastfeeding
  • Difficulty bottle-feeding
  • Shallow latching
  • Fussiness or frustration when nursing
  • Excessive gas or spitting up (reflux)
  • Dribbling from the mouth
  • Audible sounds such as smacking or clicking when feeding
  • Poor or below average weight gain

Likewise, parents should look for issues in older children, including difficulty with speech development, sleeping difficulties, headaches and other pains in the jaw and neck area, and more. It’s not uncommon for tongue-tie symptoms to go unnoticed by parents until their child has reached toddlerhood or older. Fortunately, the advanced laser technology used by Dr. Beck and his team can perform these frenectomy procedures with precision in patients from Colorado Springs and surrounding communities.

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