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Mouth Guards

If your child grinds their teeth at night, plays sports or engages in other recreational athletic activities they may benefit from wearing a mouth guard. This oral appliance helps protect your child’s teeth and mouth so they can continue to enjoy a healthy smile.

What Are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are a type of oral appliance designed to prevent injury to your child’s teeth, mouth and soft oral tissues. They are a removable appliance, and typically cover the upper teeth to provide the most effective protection for your child’s teeth and mouth. There are several types of mouth guards available depending on the type of problem they are protecting your child’s smile from.

Types Of Mouth Guards

Here at Falcon Pediatric Dentistry, we offer both sports mouth guards and night guards for your child. During your child’s appointment our pediatric dentist and team will examine their mouth and discuss your options with you so you can find the right type of mouth guard for your child’s needs.

Night Guards

Night guards are a type of mouth guard used to protect your child’s teeth from bruxism (nighttime grinding and clenching of the teeth). They are also known as occlusal splints or bite splints, and work to prevent tooth damage, including cracked and worn-down teeth, as well as helping to alleviate jaw pain and discomfort.

Sports Mouth Guards

Sports mouth guards, also referred to as sports guards or athletic guards, are recommended for children who play sports. They are often required equipment in high-contact sports such as football, rugby and wrestling, but are beneficial for any child who enjoys athletic activities, even individual sports such as rock climbing or biking! Sports guards work to protect the teeth and mouth from injuries so that your child can play with complete confidence.

Why Choose a Custom Mouth Guard?

There are several options when it comes to mouth guards. You can purchase a “stock” or boil-and-bite mouth guard at most sporting goods stores. However, while these options are less expensive, they are also less durable and do not offer the most comprehensive protection, and may not be completely comfortable. Our pediatric dental team recommend that you have your child fitted for a custom mouth guard. Custom mouth guards are designed to fit your child’s teeth and mouth perfectly, ensuring their comfort while also offering the maximum protection possible.