Holistic Pediatric Dentistry Colorado Springs


Because your child’s primary teeth play an important role in their oral growth and development our pediatric dentist will not recommend an extraction unless there is no other option. However, severely damaged teeth still need to receive treatment so your child can regain their oral health and smile. In cases like this, our pediatric dentist may recommend a pulpotomy to save your child’s tooth and help them regain a healthy smile.

What Is Pulpotomy?

Pulpotomy is a type of endodontic treatment and is also known as a “baby tooth root canal.” It is recommended when decay or injury reaches the dental pulp of your child’s primary tooth, which is the innermost layer of the tooth where the nerves and blood of the pulp are held. If left untreated, your child may experience pain and increased sensitivity, and the tooth will most likely develop an abscess and need to be extracted. A pulpotomy removes the damaged tooth tissue, saving the tooth and preventing additional damage from occurring.

What Happens During Pulpotomy?

During a pulpotomy, our pediatric dentist will sterilize the treatment area and remove any decayed or infected pulp or tooth tissue. The tooth will then be cleaned, and a medicated material applied to help prevent infection from returning. The root canals will then be sealed against further infection, and a dental crown or other restoration will be placed to help protect the tooth from future damage.

We will take special care to ensure that your child remains comfortable throughout their entire procedure. Our pediatric dentist and team understand that “root canals” have a reputation for being uncomfortable, but thanks to advances in modern dentistry we now have the ability to give you child care that is both comfortable and effective.